KYLIE AND THE MACHINE | Rodan & Fields Reverse Regimen – Does it work?
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Rodan & Fields Reverse Regimen – Does it work?

Rodan & Fields Reverse Regimen – Does it work?

Rodan + Fields Reverse Skincare Regimen

I haven’t been comfortable to go makeup free, anywhere, I felt I needed coverage all the time, and that was a new thing for me. I realised that since having my 3 babies, my skin had become more uneven, and some areas were darker than others. I learned this was mild Melasma, a condition where different hormone levels (like during pregnancy) effect the melanin in your skin which reacts differently when exposed to the sun. Just *another* wonderful way that babies can leave their mark on your body!! Also, since moving back to Australia, my freckles are out of control!! I love a freckle here and there, but they were really getting beyond noticeable.

Here’s my experience with skincare… I have previously bought expensive skincare sets, and have not felt that it was worth the money, because I didn’t see or feel much of an improvement, and I have tried pharmacy/supermarket brand skincare which I found to be acceptable, so I decided that I would rather not spend any extra money on it. I thought:

I am just designed to have the skin I have.

BUT, I still really wanted to try the REVERSE regimen from Rodan & Fields!

Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields were the founders of the famous PROACTIV Solution, they have since sold the company and now stand behind their skincare products aimed at Anti-Ageing.

The two weeks before starting the regimen I took a bunch before photos wearing no makeup.

Choosing to show many different photos will give a more wholistic view of what my skin actually looks like, as opposed to seeing the ONE before and ONE after photo.

What don’t I like about my skin?

My chin and upper lip is darker, a common area for Melasma to appear. And of course I have noticeable dark circles and dry skin under my eyes. My skin is uneven, I sometimes get pimples, its not hydrated,  its sometimes oily, my freckles are very pronounced, and I have some fine lines.

How can I fix these skin issues? How do I get rid of Melasma?

(All of the photos I take are in the morning, at the same place and around the same time of day. )

I also took some with makeup on:

What makeup am I wearing? I use an under eye cream concealer and a mineral powder, and of course I fill in my eyebrows. I am mostly happy with how my skin looks with this coverage, however I can still see the melasma, and I feel like wearing under eye concealer is doing more damage long-term.

The Reverse Regimen by Rodan + Fields is formulated to BRIGHTEN skin, improve the overall appearance of skin dullness, discolouration and uneven skin tone.

It consists of 4 steps


Simply wet face and massage onto skin for 30-60seconds and wash off

It has some texture but its not full on Microdermabrasion Paste, as its designed to use every day. It has a clinical smell to it.


Apply all over face with gauze pad

This has a strong lemony citrus smell to it, and it feels cool on my skin after the exfoliating wash.


Separate tubes of active formulas, Vitamin C, and Retinol. The ingredients are unable to be stored together, so for optimum effectiveness, the two are mixed for each application, in your hand then smoothed over face.

I squeeze out a pea sized amount of each of the tubes onto my hand and mix with a finger , then sweep it all off the palm of my hand to smooth over my face. These products don’t have too much of a smell.


For use in the morning and during the day when in the sun.

This is the silkiest sunscreen I’ve ever used, and after the previous 3 steps my face is so smooth, it glides on easy. It is still a little glossy, like most sunscreens. I let it sit on my face for a bit before using a mineral powder to remove the shine. Then I fill in my eyebrows and I’m ready for the day 🙂

The whole thing takes a couple of minutes, in fact, if I’m being honest, I am actually loving having this time just for me!

I have had issues with other skincare products, especially ones with very active ingredients, like retinol, and fruit acids. What happens is that after 1 or 2 days of using them, I get a reaction of tingling, itching, and eventually inflamed skin, and the area around my eyes and cheekbones becomes red raw and puffy!!! Horrible!!!

With this regimen, the Dr’s recommend easing into using it, so it was a good thing I still had my previous skincare (pharmacy brand) left over.

This is the recommendation:

  • First week, only using every second morning.
  • Second week, every morning.
  • Third week, every morning, every second night.
  • Fourth Week, every morning and night.

*Note* I did use the sunscreen every morning from the beginning, because, well, sun was obviously one of the reasons my skin was looking the way it was!

I stuck with the schedule because I REALLY didn’t want to get another reaction!

After the first week I felt the tingling I remember from previous experiences, but it was bearable, and very helpful that every second day my skin had a chance to rest.

By the end of week 1, my skin was happy using the regimen every second morning. With the second week I felt a little more tingling after incorporating the regimen into every morning, but by the end of week 2, my skin had acclimatised to mornings. The same thing happened when I added more evenings, a tiny bit of tingling, but once again, by the end of that week my skin had acclimatised.

Suddenly, in what feels like not long, 4 weeks have passed!

Great news – my skin is handling it! No more tingling, zero inflammation!


(Only using REVERSE every second morning)

AFTER WEEK 2 (Using REVERSE every morning)

AFTER WEEK 3 (Using REVERSE every morning, and every second evening)

AFTER WEEK 4 (Using Reverse every morning and night)

AFTER WEEK 4 Wearing Makeup (same makeup as the before photos)

What changes have I noticed in 4 weeks?

Lets address what this product is saying it will help with…

* Skin dullness

I didn’t realise my skin was ‘dull’ in fact its not something I would have even known how to detect, but after using the regimen for 4 weeks, I can see that my skin was dull! My face is glowing and bright, I look refreshed even though I am not getting any more sleep than before!! I have received random compliments that I look ‘glowing’. Basically, the dullness is due to having layers and layers of dead skin, and the first step in the regimen exfoliates, removing these layers, which then preps the skin perfectly for the next 2 steps which do the brightening work.

* Skin tone and Discolouration

I expected a lot from this product, as I’ve seen other before and afters, but I didn’t expect this kind of improvement after such a short time, especially since I’ve only been using the products BOTH in the morning and at night since week 4, due to incorporating the regimen slowly. The results are obvious! My skin tone is greatly improved, my Melasma has faded, and my freckles have lightened. My dark circles have pretty much disappeared too – I’ve even ditched my daily under eye concealer!. Just, WOW!

Other changes which I have noticed:

My face is SO SOFT, the texture is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.

My skin always feels perfectly hydrated, never oily or dry.

MY PORES! I didn’t realise how visible they were until I look back at the ‘before’ photos… and now they just blend into the background of my new bright face!

Rodan + Fields are a super generous company to work for. They just gifted all pre-enrolled consultants a FREE Redefine Multi Function Eye Cream. Some consultants like myself were gifted a whole Regimen too! Makes me feel so excited to be involved in a company that rewards their consultants.

So now I’ve incorporated the eye cream into my daily routine. The order looks like this:

The EYE CREAM should slot in after Toning (step 2) and before Moisturising (step 3), to get the best absorption.

The Reverse Regimen really works!! I now believe there is something we can do, outside our genetics, to improve our skin and become more confident in our appearance. This skincare regimen fits into the Premium price range, but I think it is worth every cent. I feel like it is an investment in my face’s future – and I’m already seeing positive returns!

Kylie xo

Rodan + Fields is a network marketing business in which the opportunities to achieve personal and financial goals are TOTALLY achievable, especially when awesome people work together in a team! My background is in retail management and I KNOW that the very best time to get involved is RIGHT NOW during pre-enrolment. I’d love to chat with you if you’re looking to earn some extra money, and to start your own business with me as your mentor. Send me an email, or you can click this link to pre-enrol (It’s FREE) —–> PRE-ENROL


If you would like to know more about purchasing this product or others in the range, I will be joining Rodan + Fields as a consultant, and the company launches in Australia soon! Although the products are not available for purchase yet, I am putting together a customer list, which will enable you to be IN THE KNOW about Rodan & Fields products before they hit our shores.

Send me an email at and you’ll be first to find out about the launch!


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