KYLIE AND THE MACHINE | PROJECT: Cotton Ikat Napkins with Easy Mitred Corners
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PROJECT: Cotton Ikat Napkins with Easy Mitred Corners

PROJECT: Cotton Ikat Napkins with Easy Mitred Corners

Yes, you’ve probably seen tutorials for these before, I find this way to be the simplest for my mind, but with the neatest results.


If you’ve got some fabric and a little bit of time, you can make a beautiful gift for friends or for yourself! You can make about 4 large square napkins from 1m of 140-150wide fabric. Even better use some scraps for a curated scrappy set of napkins that remind you of sewing projects of your past! Though I LOVE this ikat fabric, I do look forward to making a mis-matched set one day 🙂


You’ll only need a few tools, the square ruler I used is an OMNIGRID 6 1/2″ quilting ruler, but there are lots around that have the 45 degree angle marking in the corner, which is the line that helps. If you don’t have one, you can always just draw a 45 degree line on a piece of card from corner or draw a line on another ruler. A point turner isn’t essential but it is handy to have. You will need a fabric marker or chalk.


I cut my squares at 21″ but its not a huge issue if they are a bit bigger or smaller.


Fold over raw edge 3/8″(1cm) towards the wrong side, press, then fold over again, press. Do this for all 4 sides of the napkin and pin to hold in place.


Unfold, then fold at the corner on a 45 degree angle RIGHT SIDES together.


Fold RIGHT SIDES together

Take a ruler and line up the right angle, to point right at the middle crease, the top angle to match the first crease and the bottom ruler to mirror the top, but along the raw edge.

Draw a line along both angles of the ruler with a water soluble pen or chalk

Pin and sew along this line, backstitching at the start

Cut straight down from the point as shown, cutting off a triangle.

Then clip out another small triangle, and clip into the centre of the V to but not through the stitches.

You can see how the clip allows the seam to open properly at the crease. Finger press the seam open.

F old at the first crease (where we clipped into the v) and pinch while you turn right way out.

Tuck the raw edges under


Use a point turner or small chopstick to push the point out neatly.

Do the same for all 4 corners, tuck all raw edges under around the napkin, and press.


Sew around the hem, pivoting at the mitred corners, close to the edge, making sure to catch the fabric.

Add a label into the hem if you use them! Super neat, no fuss, proper mitred corners!!

Beautiful as a gift with some french steak knives!

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  • Debbie Broomer

    May 9, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    Great tip, love your website.

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