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Pocket Ideas for Ida Clutch

Pocket Ideas for Ida Clutch

I chose not to include pocket pattern pieces for the Ida Clutch because it can be used for many purposes, perhaps considering individually which size of pocket is needed is best. Ask yourself, what will it hold? If it’s going to be used as a night time clutch purse, I would want a special pocket to hold a couple of cards, drivers license and credit card, maybe some paper money. If it was a cosmetic pouch I would like a bigger pocket to hold brushes, or cotton pads and tips. If it was a pencil case, I may want individual pockets for sharpener and eraser.


This particular pocket is for a cosmetic bag, I was thinking it could hold some cotton pads and Q-tips for my Mum.


First I cut out a rectangle sized 6″ X 3 1/2″.


You can use a hem gauge to measure but my favourite tool for this is my Clover Hera Marker, and a ruler.
I also like to overlock the raw edges so they don’t fray.


Use the Hera to mark a crease line on the wrong side of the pocket upper edge 3/8″(1cm) from edge.


See that nice crease line?


Finger press at the crease, then press with iron to make it really flat. If you didn’t overlock the raw edge, fold over once again and press with iron.


Top stitch the hem down


Use the Hera to make creases on the remaining 3 sides at 3/8″ (1cm)


Fold in the sides first then the bottom. Press.


Decide on your placement, remember there will be a fold in the clutch, so make the top of the pocket sit below the fold line (this is indicated by the extra interfacing Pattern Piece C) Also, steer clear of the darts!


If your lining isn’t interfaced, cut out a rectangle a little larger than the pocket.


Fuse on the wrong side of the lining.


Pin pocket in place. I am also sewing in a label at this point! I highly recommend getting some labels for your sewing, especially if you sew gifts!


Topstitch in place.


Now you can get on with making the rest of the clutch!

Happy pocketing 🙂

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