KYLIE AND THE MACHINE | Magnetic Closures for Ida Clutch
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Magnetic Closures for Ida Clutch

My original pattern used snaps, but since making a few clutches in leather, and being super inspired by the Ida’s I’ve seen popping up on Instagram under the hashtag #idaclutch I realised that to bring these little bags to the next level, magnetic closures are the perfect inclusion!


I will outline how I add PRONG magnetic buttons and SEW-IN magnetic buttons to an Ida Clutch.

Use the markings on the pattern to mark the centre of the placement for whichever style you choose – no need to guess!



Mark two dots on the interfacing

One side of these buttons is very magnetic and the other is not (so it won’t stick to your sewing machine when you’re sewing it – genius!) Ensure you sew in the correct way! These magnetic buttons are available to buy from my shop 🙂

If you’re making a leather clutch, place the magnetic buttons under the interfacing, if you’re sewing with fabric, because its thinner, you can sew the buttons on top of the interfacing.

Pin in place, or use Washi Tape to hold in place for leather.


Make sure the button is in the centre of the marked dots

It’s important they line up correctly

I love to use Upholstery Thread for the topstitching as its easier for most machines to handle, but its thicker than regular thread. Use regular thread in your bobbin

Choose the foot where you can sew closest to a raised edge. For me it is my zipper foot.

For leather, use your fingers to press and mould the shape of the button into the leather so it is visible. If using fabric, you could use a water soluble marker to draw a perfect circle with a stencil.

Start sewing, use a small stitch length 2-2.5 and get close but not too close to the button, lower your needle. No need to backstitch. The less holes in leather, the better!

Sew slowly! Each stitch or every other you will probably need to pivot around the shape of the circle, take your time to get it nice and neat.

Keep sewing and pivoting all the way around!

Overlap your final stitches to secure the first few stitches, don’t backstitch. Leave 2 inches thread tails when cutting.

Do the same for the bottom button.

Sew, pivot, sew, pivot etc…

Both are sewn, now we need to tidy up the threads

Turn over, gently tug on the bobbin threads to pull the top thread to the back.

Tie off the threads and cut leaving about an inch tail just in case, its all on the inside so won’t be seen.

They look very professional, and are extremely user friendly once the clutch is out in the wild.

Looking nice!


When you cut out your leather, keep the off-cuts for reinforcing the magnetic buttons.

Use the markings on the pattern to mark a small dot on the outside of the leather or fabric. The buttons are arranged how they should be, the top is the ‘male’ and the bottom is the ‘female’ which is the magnetic side.

The button backplate doubles as a template for marking the slits! Use the dot to centre the template and mark two lines

All marked

Mark slits in the reinforcing leather bits

Pinch leather and cut slits through all layers (including interfacing) Also cut slits into the little reinforcing bits.


Slide the prongs into the slits from the outside and slide the reinforcement leather over the prongs.

Slide the backing plate over the prongs, hold down firmly and bend prongs outwards

Do the same for the top magnetic button

It should look like this!


Have you tried using magnetic closures? I LOVE THEM!!!