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About Me

Get to know me better

Who is Kylie?

A Bit About Me

My husband, myself and our 3 sons live in Brisbane, Australia. We moved into a small house behind my parents. They still live in the house I grew up in and are now retired. It’s nice to be home and its amazing for the kids to have their grandparents close. We dearly miss the other 2 sets of Grandparents living in the United States and Canada, its a shame we all can’t live close together.


Raising kids is not easy!! I am a stay at home Mum, it can get a little cray cray but it’s mostly rewarding.


Sewing is my hobby and my passion, I’m pretty much always thinking about what I’d love to make next, though time is often fleeting with 3 youngins’. I used to do a lot of people watching and style stalking out in the city, it’s not something I love to do with the kids… Thank You Pinterest!! I have no formal training apart from some home economics classes at school. I have endless thanks for the people who have shared their skills with others’ online, and I am looking to give back a little too. You just might learn something new while visiting Kylie and The Machine.


I’ve recently started with Rodan + Fields as a consultant. Some people are shocked, not realising that I would have a desire to work in a business with direct selling, and in skincare of all industries! Well, I have been super lazy looking after myself and especially my skin – pretty much always. I haven’t always used sunscreen, and never had a proper skincare regimen, I’ve definitely slept in my makeup a few times. Now is the time for me to start caring, and I only want the best! With their products I know I can turn back some of the damage and wrinkles on my face, and I am sure others want the same. Being a stay at home Mum sometimes makes me want to run out and get a full time job to get a break! But then, I know I’d rather work on my own schedule. My goal with this new venture is to build a team and spend my days coaching and helping others to achieve their goals. After all, my work background is in management, sales, customer service and I miss being able to help people, I don’t miss going into work every day and working for someone else! I’ll be documenting my journey with Rodan + Fields, hopefully you’ll be following me and cheering me on!




A rare photo of most of our family, during a visit to Australia.


Mama Bear

Kylie Brûlé

Wishes the house cleaned itself

Papa Bear

Coady Brûlé

The coffee guy, also the best husband and daddy around!

1st Child

Byron Brûlé

Lego connoisseur, eats like a sparrow unless it's dessert.

Middle Child

Charles Brûlé

A true sweetheart, with the loudest voice


Sid Brûlé

Always smiling 🙂 He's got the groove, loves to dance and clap.